Jun 13 2014

Social Media & B2B Sales

To this point, we’ve all have heard and seen the benefits to social media marketing for Business to Consumer Sales. Whether it be recognizable brands such as Nike, Apple, Best Buy and Oreo, or small business in local areas, social media has been an excellent platform for companies to create awareness. On the other hand,…

May 23 2014


I always find it interesting when someone tells me how they developed an elaborate business from a simple idea. It allows me to see a powerful, important, and successful decision-maker during a time in their career that tested their character and grit. J.K. Rowling: famous author of the Harry Potter book series was divorced, jobless,…

Apr 28 2014

What’s the Deal with Snapchat?

—Teen social platform or made for business application— Snapchat is a mobile app that allows users to send pictures and/or videos back and forth with the addition of text and drawings. With tap and play technology, Snapchat is the only platform that captures the user’s attention for 1 to 10 seconds until the message disappears…

Apr 21 2014

SEO: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

When you search a term in Google or other search engines, what do you see? Paid Ads! How about on your social media news feeds? Paid Ads! So how much is Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing helping you, and is it really worth the time and the hassle? I am sure you see those…

Apr 07 2014

Going Viral!!

By now, everyone knows the phrase,  “Going Viral” and what it means in a reflection of internet marketing and exposure. In the recent months and years we’ve seen trends, videos, songs and games that blow up digitally like the Harlem Shake, Gangnam Style, or Flappy Bird, but what causes this? Every day individuals and companies…

Mar 29 2014

The Evolution of the Call Centre

In 2014 modern marketing techniques, and customer interaction of all forms are at the forefront of every successful business but one old fashion technique has gone by the waste side. Call centre functionality for many North American companies has drastically changed over the last few years. The era of speaking with a professional and creating…

Mar 22 2014

Grab Social Media by the Horns

By now, it is becoming clear that being on Social Media is not an option but a necessity. The days of statements such as “there is no reason for me to be on Facebook” have gone by the waste side. It’s not a matter of how, but how much. Social Media isn’t only an asset to…

Feb 24 2014

Look Good, Feel Good, Market Good

Welcome to #ExoBlog, the information station of Exomark Strategic Marketing & Design. We’ve re-branded, re-launched and are excited for you to join us for many more years of Marketing, Media and Communications. In business since 2001, Exomark is bringing a new look and feel to the strategic marketing environment in 2014, and it starts here….