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Mar 29 2014

The Evolution of the Call Centre

In 2014 modern marketing techniques, and customer interaction of all forms are at the forefront of every successful business but one old fashion technique has gone by the waste side. Call centre functionality for many North American companies has drastically changed over the last few years. The era of speaking with a professional and creating…

Mar 22 2014

Grab Social Media by the Horns

By now, it is becoming clear that being on Social Media is not an option but a necessity. The days of statements such as “there is no reason for me to be on Facebook” have gone by the waste side. It’s not a matter of how, but how much. Social Media isn’t only an asset to…

Mar 15 2014

Customer Interaction & Your Website

Most companies don’t realize the valuable tool they already have at their finger tips. Your website is an important path to your customers, allowing you to specifically target people who want to use your products or buy your services. The question is how do you interact with your customers? People WANT to interact, and businesses…