Jun 13 2014

Social Media & B2B Sales

To this point, we’ve all have heard and seen the benefits to social media marketing for Business to Consumer Sales. Whether it be recognizable brands such as Nike, Apple, Best Buy and Oreo, or small business in local areas, social media has been an excellent platform for companies to create awareness.

On the other hand, from a Business to Business stance, we hear consistent questions asked; What is the ROI of Social Media, How do I sell on Twitter, Can I use Facebook for sales prospecting?

Not only is social media good for B2B sales, but it actually works quite well!

Here are a few ways to assist in your B2B Social Media Marketing Success.

1. Turn Cold Calls Into Warm Leads

Understand that Social Media is not a closing tool, but a fantastic opening tool. Social platforms are the ultimate networking tool because you can meet so many people in such a short amount of time.  Join Twitter Chats via Hashtag, LinkedIn Groups and Facebook groups to start talking about just about anything. Find your resource and start to interact

2. Get Known For Knowledge

You don’t have to know everything, but make sure when someone is talking about your product, service or focus of expertise, you have everything they want and more. Who will need ‘Google’ when they have you?! We are being trained to expect that all the world’s knowledge is accessible via Google or other Online resources, so create answers to prospective questions. 

Then share that information liberally and freely online, while paying attention to SEO, Keywords and the Context of your answers!

3. B2B Social Selling Isn’t Hard

You know what’s hard about social selling? Patience. Social selling done well is so much more elegant than offline selling. It requires patience and commitment to an underlying principle of helping vs selling. But if you can understand that in most cases social is about setting up the sale for tomorrow versus closing a sale today, you might just find that you’ll have enough sales for many tomorrows.

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Thanks, and happy marketing!